Is what I want wrong?

I met this guy and we only knew each other a month and had been going out on dates, then he wanted to know where we stood and I said we were dating and he got upset that I didn't want a relationship. I'm going to be a freshman in college and I don't know what type of guy I want just yet so I thought id just date and see who I like and then after I got to know the guy (after a few months or so) and if I liked him, I'd suggest being exclusive and start getting serious. But the current guy got mad that I didn't want to just be with him and I explained that I want to get to know a guy before things get serious and I want the freedom to have a girls night out or go on a date with someone else who seems to be a good fit for me. Also I'm NOT restricting him either. He can do what ever he likes as well. He got upset and doesn't want anything to do with me. Is just dating around to see what type I like a bad thing? Or should I just get serious with every guy I'm interested in -_-


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  • Nope. He was rushing things. And you shouldn't just get serious with every guy lol. That's how people get in bad relationships. What better way to discover what you want than to meet and date different types of guys/girls?

    • Thank you, I just needed to make sure I was doing the right thing haha. And the part about getting serious with every guy was just my sarcasm.

    • Haha I thought it might be, but being you are very young, just had to make sure.

    • Haha I get that, it was just me putting in something that the guy was basically insinuating that I should do but I found absurd.

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  • No, what you want is perfectly fine and I actually commend you on talking to him about it.

    • Oh well thank you very much

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  • To start. Never let some dude or anyone tell you what you want is wrong! You are perfectly able to want love, commitment, marriage, kids or none of the above. In fact sticking by what you want is how you get it and avoid getting involved with people against your plans.

    But also he has every right to not want to be a part of your plans. Although it is his fault he waited so long to ask, if you want to avoid seeming devious in the future then tell dudes what you want. MOST dude are looking for a girl like you anyway.


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