Guys what are some reasons to not date a girl you like?

So this guy tells me he really likes me and wants to date me, and is interested...etc. He finally asked me out but we never reassured plans, again this happened and we never mentioned it again. I am always straight forward about what is it he wants from me (we end up admitting we like each other) , and he always initiates the texts and I flirt back.

We knew each other from high school but haven't seen each other for a couple of years.

Guys, what would be some reasons you would not go through with plans could it be financial issues, being too busy, lack of interest or what else could be the reason from my situation?

ps. He used to say he was busy with school, work and playing in a league of basketball, but we have been texting for 6 months. I have had other offers on dates and I only went out with one guy, and he just didn't catch my attention. The other guys just weren't my type. This guy keeps me interested with his mysteriousness but too much time has passed by and nothing has happened.


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  • Well for me, if I met a girl I liked right now, I still wouldn't date her because I'm just not grown enough as a person to really get into dating. I've got so much to learn, and can be immature still. I dont' want to put that lousiness into anyone's lives.


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  • stringing you along.

    • do you think he is stringing me along as an option? is that what you meant?

    • yup

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