Female language: excuse or truth?

Timing is not right for me?

My gut says it won't work?

Both scenarios the relationship would have been long distance and she had told me how she has feelings for me and wants to be with me. Also, she wants to keep talking and seeing each other when time allows


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  • It just depends on whether you guys wanna have a long distance relationship. What are you both gonna be giving up because of that?

    Good Luck. :)

    • why would she tell me she has(could have said had) feelings for me but timing is not right? I do not get that... tells me she can't answer if she would want to do this in the future... but tells me I have my life together and I am perfect for her... then texts me yesterday showing me a picture on her 3 day trip to Alaska for school... I do not gget what she is doing? any thought?

    • Your asking a lot of questions. haha. Maybe she's just saying yeah your a great guy, and I would have liked to go out with you, but long distance isn't gonna work for me.

    • haha... she is very hot and cold... and some what confusing.. ha

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