No reply and a surprise girlfriend - advice?

I recently asked another question about a guy I've been emailing back and forth for a while now. We first met in real life while volunteering at a Shakespeare theater together... We met one more time, but there are a few problems that I need your help with:

1- He'll email, but no texts or response to my number in an early email.


3- All of a sudden, he hasn't replied for a week and a half... I just sent a follow-up email today.

4- I still REALLY like him. We have a ton in common, and he's sweet and cute and very nice to me.

What should I do? Was it wrong of me to send a follow-up email? Should I pursue him or back off? I've never known someone I've been so sure could be a great match for me... Any advice appreciated.

Alright, he replied last night. And thanks to everyone for a solid reality check. I appreciate it.


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  • What does your guts tell you? They are saying. Stop being stupid... But you will not listen to your inner self. Be truthful to my comment.. you are falling in love not with this person, because this person is doing nothing for you. If you re read your comment. It will tell you that you are falling in love with an empty fantasy. You are only setting yourself up to get hurt. But I am a stranger writing you. As my father RIP would say to me, I now say to you. "Come back and tell me how it went in a yr".. let it go my friend. Let it go.


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  • If he's got a girlfriend, then you should just back off with advances.


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  • he won't even use your phone number and he has a girlfriend...seriously...are you even considering it?

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