How do you know when you're ready to continue long term?

Im seeking advice in a tough way. I've been dating my girlfriend for over 6 months, and overall we have been happy together. I question you guys about when in a relationship did you decide it was worth fighting for each other for long term say a year or longer? I've lost direction on what I want. I realize she is about to begin her senior year of college while I continue my first year of employment, but I'm stressed over whether I can relax enough to allow her to have her expected college freedoms and fun. I've handled it well through communication up to this point but I'm not the same carefree person I was last year in college. And I'm not sure if its worth causing unnecessary stress upon her because my goals vary so greatly at this point due to work life. Any insight from GAG to get over this mental hump?


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  • Yes. Stop thinking so much. Live one day at a time.

    • Thank you for the response!

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    • I appreciate it. I'm really having a hard time seeing for what it is with things getting ready to change in the next few weeks. I will do my best to keep things together for what it is.

    • Good luck to you man. I hope she is all you want and you two are great to each other.

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