Is he fishing, or what?

I've been in contact over the last few weeks with a guy who I was interested in, but he chose someone else and is committed to being with her (i.e., they are engaged).

The contact has been tying up mainly superficial, and we are both vague on details. My ex, though, has twice mentioned he would like to hear from me occasionally to know how I'm doing.

He always has the ability to do that, but he doesn't - he's "busy" I assume. He never fills me in on his life - in fact, he got engaged to this girl so fast it made my head spin (only to realize he was "dating" her and "semi-dating" me at the same time and then chose to focus on her).

Is this something he is saying because he genuinely wants to know what's going on in my life? If he is choosing to move forward, I don't understand why he bothers to give me the time of day at all. I had a difficult time after we broke up, and I easily jump on little things he says (like knowing about my life) and misinterpret his intentions - so shouldn't he be more careful in what he says, or not say anything at all?


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  • If he doesn't fill you in on his life, then he sounds like he's not interested at all.


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