More than a hook up or no?

This girl and I spent 3-4 months flirting. We worked next door to each other and would always make excuses to come in and see each other at the others job. She moved to Florida so I decided to one day message her online just to say hi and it turns out she had just moved back to the area. We both confessed that we liked each other and decided to hang out sometime and see where it went. Well, our first time hanging out we went swimming just us and then came back to my place and talked for hours and ordered pizza. Then she ended up staying over and we slept together...twice. Then once in the morning. I drove her to work and kissed her goodbye.

Since then we've texted back and forth a little bit. I've been busy the last couple days so I couldn't really make a plan to do anything with her and I think she has been too. But now that we've had sex, I don't want that to be all we do with each other because I actually really like her. In her texts she called me "hun" and "babe" so that gives me the feeling it isn't just a hook-up/one time thing we have going but I just don't want it to turn into that. She's also a few years younger than me and still in her "party phase" so I don't want to scare her off by telling her that I really like her and want a relationship. Any advice?


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  • She likes you,spend time with her and don't blatantly tell her you wanna date her. show her, take her out and spend time with her.If you only ask her to come over for nights she'll think you jsut want sex.


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