Should I keep talking to/dating other girls?

So here's the situation. I met this European girl recently and we hit it off pretty well. She's no supermodel...but she's petite and cute. The biggest turn on is her personality. She's so easy going, funny and low drama. She acts sexual, but not at all slutty. We've gone on three dates...had sex on the last one. I've been out of town but just got back and we are talking about going on more. She's been much more flirty in her text messaging to me.

We are not official or anything. But it looks like we are headed that way...somewhat... I'm not head over heels for her...but I definitely like her and vice versa. However I can help noticing other pretty girls and chatting with them. I have a POF account and am still talking to girls...but part of me is wondering if that's the right thing to do. I'm a lot less aggressive with the other girls...but some of them are approaching me.

Should I keep talking to other girls (and possibly go on dates...). I'm in no rush with the current girl, but I want to return her good will at the same time. I also wouldn't be surprised if she is talking to other guys since I haven't pushed getting into a formal relationship.

What should I do? Oh I'm 31, she's 25.


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  • Yes. Nothing is official so do what you gotta do.


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