If you always text the guy first?

Does that mean the guy really isn't into you? What if said guy for a night job that means strange sleeping patterns?

This guy and I admitted mutual attraction, and we hugged before. He tried kissing me the other night but I refused due to his cigarette breath. I asked when he'd like to hang out again and he said "whenever you want."


*has a night job. Darn typos.
He promised to text me sometime over the past few nights when I bumped into him last. He never did until he was kind enough to send a message apologizing and saying he met someone else. I'm glad about his honesty. I had some doubts about him anyway, but it sucks because I have no male attention now.


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  • Look he tried kissing you so he is at least attracted to you. If he replies when you text then he's not ignoring you. Some guys aren't big texters and don't commence the conversation. With his job I'm sure he sleeps from when he gets home till probably 6-8 hours later, so give him that time, then text him a couple hours before work. Bring up getting together again, but be specific, no beating around the bush. If he dances around the subject without giving making any real plans, then he might not be that into you, but I'm betting he is, so give it a shot.

    • Thanks :) It's hard because he has no money and I live with my parents, so we need to figure out something cheap and non-suspicious to my parents... Ugh

  • Yes, if you always text the guy first, he's just not that interested unfortunately.

    • Even though he tried kissing me and hugged me real tight?

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