She is telling me BS

this girl and I dated/saw each other since May... saw each other when we could talked quite a bit. Both opened up to each other about things. She would tell me how much she liked me and wanted to be with me. We both went in thinking not much would come from it because of the distance that would be involved at the end of summer. But obviously we both developed feelings or at least she told me she did.

She told me how great I am, how I have this feeling about me that allowed her to open up and easy to talk to, how attracted she was, how I have my sh*t together and she has feelings for me... but timing is not right for her right now. She says she wants to keep talking and when time allows to see each other. We both believe you can't predict the future so stopping ours lives is something we can't do, I asked if it came up would she be open to trying something in the future.. she said she couldn't answer that...which I guess I get since you can't predict the future... Does this seem like BS to anyone?


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  • i am in a similiar situation and said the SAME things to the person I have been seeing. It is because of the pending long distance. She cannot predict what will happen to the relationship and the truth is the future is more liable to break a woman's heart than a man's. I think for the most part a girl can last the distance and being away with someone since women are programmed more 'emotionally' than men. For a guy, if another woman were to come into the picture, he is more likely to break with his current girlfriend with less of a heartache to appease his physical needs. I cannot say this always happens, but its more likely to. He may miss some aspects about his ex girlfriend in the long run, but the new girl will help him get over it. A woman is much more delicate in this area and will generally get 'less hurt' by breaking up before she is in too deep.

    • why would she send a smiley face text after? ha.. and want to keep talking and see each other when time allows... what?

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  • she is either stringing you along or she genuinely misses you but knows it cannot work long least for the moment...maybe things will change in the distant future (but very unlikely)


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  • It is a little BSy

    But at least she isn't leading you on

    • I thought it was weird she said she really wants to keep talking and to see each other when time allows us too... what? haha

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