Needs me emotionally but won't ask me out? Do guys do this?

He treats me like his girlfriend, does things for me, sees me so often and needs emotional support from me. This has been happening for about 4 months now. He's extremely affectionate and caring and love, but has been careful to steer clear of romance. But he drives down to see me everyday and just generally invests a lot of time in us, even if he's busy. How can this all not mean anything? I'm so confused.

Is it possible that he has feelings and is afraid to act on them or am I being used?


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  • It could be he just wants an emotional relationship. Have you been to his place, met his friends? If not, it's possible he's emotionally cheating on you.

  • Yeah it's like he's wanting you as a place to vent but doesn't want the commitment.


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