Girl not interested?


I met a girl at her place of work a week ago. I walked in and asked her out, she said yes. I suggested sometime next week. We live in different states. I texted her the first couple of days and the responses were slow and aloof. I called her Agee days ago and we spoke for 1.5hours. She explained that she just wants to get to know me then go with the flow kinda thing as she has been hurt in the past. I sorta agreed, hadn't given it much thought. She told me she has told her mother and friends about me.

Texted her my usual good morning text, and then some and told her we need to talk ...and I got response.

I got a text from her late afternoon saying "hey". I asked her how her day was and she told me it was hard and she sorta had a hissy fit with a client. I tried calling her and she said she texted back saying can't talk as she was with her sister.

Didn't text or call her today and neither did she..N then called her in the afternoon. and she didn't answer. She then called me back and she said "oh hey didn't have your number on this fone"which I find quite odd as she texts me from that same number (she has 2 numbers). She then says "still quite busy at work, let's talk later on" and I say fine.

Here's the thing. She told me her ex dumped her after 2 years for being too "negative". I feel like she is :

A. Not interested

B. being just her

C. That time of the month

D. Playing some sorta game

E. Doesn't warm up too quick.

I'm contemplating my options as:

A. Go with the flow and not get to worked up

B. call her up and have a "heart to heart" :)

C. Call her up and call the whole thing off

D. Just delete her number and move on.

E. any suggestions?


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  • Not interested. And probably not anything to do with you, given what you said.

    Move on.

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