Something is up with my boyfriend?


I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 10 months. Officially. We've had a "thing" for about three years. That's besides the point. Now, he's in D.C for a week and in the last few days I've noticed he hasn't really been into texting/calling me. I'm all for him being busy, I'm not that clingy. But when I'd text him a question, all I'd get were one word answers which is very uncommon for him. He usually is very good at texting and is a very avid talker. More so than I am.

Also, when I'd call him, he wouldn't answer and then text me, "can't talk." and this is unusual. I would call him at around 10:00 PM his time which is when we usually talk on the phone.

I'm just concerned he doesn't like me anymore. I'm confused. Before he left, he was fine.

I'm also leaving for college in 13 days. He is not since he is a year younger than me. We plan to stay together, at least to try, but he is getting very nervous, and now this. What's going on? Ideas?


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  • well depending on what he is doing in D.C, I'm not going to ask for specifics, he may be just really stressed out or overwhelmed with everything going on, it has its effects on people, I know I'm not much of a talker when I'm really trying to focus on something or if something is really making me anxious or nervous like you said.

    • He's in D.C just touring it with his family. I'd be okay with him not talking and all, but I leave soon and I know he's nervous about it. So I wanted to make him sure of the solidity of our relationship before I went, and him not wanting to talk makes that difficult.

  • Well when traveling, things can get hectic so he might just be packed with stuff to do.


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