Who do I want, what should I do?

OK I have a boyfriend of three months and he is great probably the best I've ever met, he's a gentleman and I love being with him. However when we are apart I feel as if I could stay apart from him. When we are together I feel really happy and the luckiest person.

however before him we one of my best mates at cadets he is a bit of an idiot but to me he was amazing, he really liked me and I liked him. The reason I didn't go for him was because I knew my family wouldn't like him... I don't know if I'm looking for a reason to not be with my boyfriend because he is moving soon or if I do actually like the other guy but I just won't go for him.


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  • There's not really any way for us to say what is it that you do want, but I think you should just be fair to the guy you're with.


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  • We all play out those what if situations now and again. I would not focus too much about it and just look to the Good and Awesome things you have in your life. It is far too easy to see doubt and badness and it doesn't do you any good.

  • You shouldn't stay with your boyfriend.

    If you really LOVED him, you wouldn't even THINK of leaving him, or doubting what you should do!


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