How do I tell a man who is role playing with me to stop and see me as a person

I have been doing some role playing with someone I met online and have met in person once. He had me to his house and we did go out to eat. He seemed very impersonal about the whole thing but wants to see me again or seems to show interest as he texts me all the time with the "dirty slut" role. I would also like there to be more dimensions to this relationship as well as sex.. is there a way to do that?.. and get him to see me as a little more than just sex. (I am a person.. you know..) There needs to be more there somewhat.. otherwise, why doesn't he just pay for sex. Its is really starting to bother me quite a bit. Ideally I would like to have a man to have fun with .. go out and do things and still a freak in the sheets with.


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  • You're going to have to talk to him.

    Its possible he's not interested in more, with anyone.

    Its possible he doesn't see more with YOU.

    Personally I want the dominant sex + emotional intimacy, but not everyone wants that combination.

    Anyway, talk to him, and see.


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  • Why not tell him how you feel? If he can't handle it, then he doesn't deserve you.

    Role playing and such has to be specifically written out, literally on a contract, so that there's no misconception by either party. And it avoids the situation you've found yourself in.

    Talk to him let him know what you'd like, and see what he thinks.


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  • Obviously he is just looking for someone to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

    You are looking for something a little more.

    Since you two haven't had this discussion, there is no doubt you are on different pages.

    The only way for him to acknowledge the things that you want, is for you to be open and honest with him about your needs.

  • i think if you talk to him and ask him what he wants out of the relationship and then you can go from there. tell him that you enjoy (if you do) what you already have but you'd like to go outside of that and develop something more serious or whatever it is that you would like with him. That you feel as though he doesn't value you for who you are and what more you have to offer. hope it helps ^_^


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