What would you do in this place?

Okay here the situation.

you have an attraction to someone. They are a little shy but once you get to know them you find you both have a lot in common. All the wile you become friend the person has a low self esteem. You start developing feelings for the person but then you find out that for some reason you have to move to another State, city, Province, whatever.

do you tell the person you have feeling for them, even if you can not be together or do you keep the feeling a secret?

I'm sort of in this place and have decided not to tell because she already has a lot of drama in her life. I want to see what other people might do.
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had to laugh that the only guy who answered agreed with me.


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  • I'm not sure.

    What if she likes you back?

    If I were you, I'd hide my feelings, but that's just how I am. I don't easily express my feelings, unless I know for sure that someone feels the same way. If you tell her, however, she might surprisingly feel the same about you, which would be the start of a new long distance relationship.


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  • I had my best friend move away and we took him out for pizza the night before. The night he left all my feelings for him were out and he said he was in love with me and I knew I loved him too. But now we are fighting over something stupid. So now he is gone for good:(

  • I would hide my feelings. There's no reason in telling her and getting this whole big thing started when she's gonna be moving away anyway.

    Good luck in whatever decision you make though :)

  • I would hide my feelings.


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