Does she just like how I treat her. She admitted she liked me

I've been talking to a girl for a few days. We only just started texting and I'm not really sure a whole lot about her life yet. However, I think she likes how I treat her and all that. She wound up admitting that she likes me. She also thinks that because I didn't tell her that I like her (which I don't even know if I do yet) that I don't like her. Now she's being standoffish. What should I do?


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  • Don't string her along. Obviously she's not into taking things slow and wants something she can be sure of, straight away. Not every girl is like that... but it's an indication that she likes you a lot and she's pushing you into admitting you like her back or reject her. The stand off thing is her way of protecting herself and also forcing you into action. So you need to decide how you really feel about her. If there's going to be nothing between you, let her know that. Sounds like that's what she wants.

    • I just want friends right now. Who knows what would happen but right now I just want friends that are girls!

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    • Besides, the silent treatment doesn't hurt us

    • Are you going to add me? I sent you a request!

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  • Wow, She Was Brave Enough To Tell You She Liked You... Most Girls Aren't.. She Must Really Like Youu!.. Don't Play With Her Emotions Even If Your Confused About Your Own.. Simply Tell Her You Need Some Time To Think... I'm Sure Shell Understand.. Get Your Feelings Strait.. If You Like Her Back Tell Her.. If You Dont, Well Don't Lead Her On.. Tell Her Your Not Ready For A Relationship & Have To Much Going On... Tell Her The Truth.. Don't Suger Coat It With A Lie Because Lies Hurt More & Much Longer Then The Truth... GoodLuck.

  • maybe give her a time limit on when you will give a answer. don't say something and then not mean it. she is kinda acting crazy if its only been a few days though. maybe some space would be good for both yall.


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  • Just let her know you're not interested in her that way. If she can't handle it, then so be it.