Is it possible for a female friend to develop feelings for you?

And if she does, what signs does she give? I thought it never happened, but I'm starting to get signals recently from this girl which I didn't see before that's making me wonder...


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  • Entirely possible!

    She may become flirty and in your face to the point where it's obvious as hell that she likes you or she could do the opposite and become suddenly very shy and self conscious around you. If she's going quiet all of a sudden that's a dead giveaway.

    The question is what signals are you getting?

    • complimenting and touching.

    • Complimenting can still be a friend thing. You have to see if she is generally complimentary about everyone. But personally I won't compliment a guy on much unless there's any attraction there because I know some guys immediately think "I love your shirt = I love you"

      Touching is definitely more of a sign.

    • yeah, the way she interacts with me is different. Twice in the past couple weeks, she pulled me aside and complimented different things about my personality and how she'd miss me if I was gone.

      And the touching...she's starting to make it a point to punch my shoulder when I tease her. I haven't seen her do this with anyone else.

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  • Well, yeah! In most cases, girls don't realize how great a guy is until they become friends.

    She'll start to ask to be around you more, be more smiley, call/text you more...

    Normal flirty things.

    The confusing thing is, though, she might not realize yet that she's starting to like you.

    You may have figured it out first.

    Just follow the signs, trust your instincts, and do what your heart wants.

  • Happens all the time for me. Most of the guys I liked were in my circle of friends, and I was just friends with them BEFORE I started liking them. I like getting to know guys before any of the 'relationship-y crush' stuff even develops. I'll text the guy more (and first!), if we're hanging out I'll try to sit next to him, I'll make sure he's always included when we hang out, I'll try to make plans with him one-on-one. (:

  • yes and if she tries to be cloes a lot and flirts

  • Yeah it happens a lot and happend to me..


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