What of you learn about relationships and how has it changed from when you were dating?

This question, is for the older users of GAG, like 30's, 40's and

over. I just want to know, these following questions.

1) I'm sure by now you've seen dating styles change, from year

to year. But, how was it for you, when you first started dating? And,

how has dating changed, from when you were dating?

2) I imagine by now, depending on age. That, you've dated, loved and maybe even had sex with, a variety of people. So, with that

in mind, what have you learned about relationships? And,does

any of people say matter, really matter?

3) What advice do have, for us young people. About, dating,

relationships, love and even sex, so what is your advice for

us? And, Would you care to tell us what you've learned from

all your dating and relationship experience?

4) Any words of wisdom, you'd like to share with me? Because, I've never dated or had a boyfriend and I'm already going to give

up on love. Being on here, has made me realize, I'm not willing to stoop to leavel one has to in this world, in order to find a mate. It's just not gonna happen, but before I give up completely, I was wondering if anybody could give me some insight and encougaring words about relationships. So, what do you have for me?

Thank you, in advance for your time and answers! : ) It's greatly appreciated *hugs* P.S. I'd perfer older people aswered, however I won't discourge younger people from anwsering to, if they want.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Dating is the same from when I started to date. It is the same except that there are more women that just want sex and no commitment. There is still the cat and mouse chase. There is still courting and there is still the posturing of showing how "great one is". I actually think online dating is better because there is not the pressure of having sex right away and as long as there is honesty from the start you can find out much much more from online dating.

    • I'm glad somebody finally answered my question, thank you! Online dating, huh?

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    • Oh, it's you! Hi, you lol! : ) Thanks for the advice : )

    • :P you are welcome. :)

What Girls Said 1

  • My advice is:

    1) Be open-minded, but have boundaries of treatment that you won't let get crossed. Your partner treating you and others with respect and courtesy...if he doesn't, cross him off the list, no matter how cute, funny, intelligent, wealthy,cool, etc he is.

    2) Try, try, and try again. Most people don't find the right person quickly. Not trying makes it that much harder. Not expecting dating to be work is like expecting to find your dream career without looking for it. Sometimes it falls in people's laps, but not very often.

    3. Likewise, do what you can to make yourself a physically, psychologically and socially attractive partner. If you have baggage, do some self help or consider going to a therapist if it's deep enough (sometimes our childhoods leave us in rough shape, but falling back on that as an excuse doesn't get results -- take action!). Work out and eat healthy foods. Have good hygeine. Pay attention to what's going on in the world and feed your mind so you have interesting things to talk about.

    4. Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Don't do things that repulse or terrify you because they are painful or dangerous. But do try to take little steps towards a broader life experience.

    5. When someone rejects you -- let it go. Don't keep pursuing that same individual over and over and over. Don't let yourself be used because you don't have the courage to find someone you like who actually treats you well.


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