What is his Deal? Please HELP!

ok so there's this guy, I've known him since like 9th grade, so he's like my best friend. so he started texting me a few months ago before school was out that he loves me and that he wants to "do it" with me and all that stuff, he knows I don't feel that way about him, and I also know he's a HUGE flirt in our school, so he's been sending me dirty texts right after school ended then the first week of June he started to ignore my texts, like he just vanished and doesn't pick up his phone and won't talk to me on Facebook, so I just did what he did to me and didn't bother him like I'm his "crazy gf" (which I'm not) so during like the middle of may at 3 oclock in the morning he calls me and says he misses me but he calls be from a blocked # I was so tired I didn't talk much just hi and bye, then he didn't talk to AGAIN, and then in the beginning of July he calls me the same time and a lot until I picked up, once again we didn't talk much just that he loves and misses me that it. then he continues ingnoring me, and now school started and I see him at school he just waved at me at school and THAT IT. no hi or a smile like usual. what is his deal? I have no clue why he's not talking to me, I didn't bug him like a crazy girlfriend, he had Facebook he ALWAYS was posing new pics, so he can't say he didn't have interent or was busy, he could of wrote to me on Facebook! so once again what's his deal? and what are his signals? what is he traying to tell me?


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  • I'm not sure why you're interested in this guy at all if he flirts with everyone else. He's just kind of messing with your feelings.

    • i see him doing this only to me,he doesn't flirt like this in front of other girls, I asked him if he's just messing with me when he told me all that stuff in the beginning.he said no,and that I'm the only girl he was telling this too.i met his ex a couple months after I met him, she said that he never said I love you out of the blue to just anyone, she said if he says it he means it, but I have a feeling that there's something that I'm missing from this! like why he told me this,and now ignoring me

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    • ill try to ask him if he actually doesn't try to run, its possible! lol thanks for the advice! I guess I'm not the only one now actually confused about this situation! lol

    • Haha you got that right!

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