What is your best "what the heck was I thinking" story?


I liked this guy sooooooooo much, I spent the night over his house making out and such. I had a COLLEGE FINAL the next day and he had baseball practice/class. I told him to set an alarm so I could wake up etc. Needless to say, he never woke me up, I missed my final and work. He missed baseball practice (he was captain!) and class. I called my teacher and my boss faking sickness. My professor let me make up the exam and my boss was okay because I NEVER missed work before. (I was luckyyyy) It's one of those things I was like DANGGGG what the heck was I thinking...I regretted it in the moment..BUT we did have an amazing make out sesh ;)


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  • it was my first and only high school party. it was the prom afterparty.

    i got super drunk. it wasn't my first time drinking. I can handle my alcohol.

    the only difference was that I was drinking with my classmates.

    well, I had too much to drink. my crush was there. I started yelling out that I liked him. and he was sitting near me. then after I realized he had left, I started crying because someone told me to ask him out and that made me think about how the guy probably wouldn't like me and I started crying.

    well, this a**hole guy who was in one of my classes ended up telling him what had happened.

    my crush was fine with me saying I liked him. he was even all touchy with me the following school day. but he just freaked when he heard about me crying that he never talked to me again. and he pretended like he didn't know my name, and when he would walk by me with girls, he would put his arm around them and check to see if I was looking. and he tried to flirt with my friends.

    i screwed up big time.

    social suicide as my friends would call it.

    and now I stay away from alcohol. I just don't want it anymore. I'm to embarrassed of that incident.

    i know its not a big deal to you guys, but it was to me. I'm a goody two shoes. I don't normally go to parties. and I'll never go again.


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  • I liked, dated, and wanted my best friends ex. Oh god. did I mention the day I got the okay I was driving my mom's brand new lexus and was texting to my big time crush while driving; thus resulting in a flat tire and a misaligned axis.

    or the time I was seduced by my best friends crush... and her ending up texting my phone while my best friend had it.. with a flirty remark...

    yeah... tell me about it lol


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  • dating a guy who is 12 years older than me and keep dating him even though he lied about two major things about himself on our first date! just because I was really sexually attracted to him and always wanted to be with an older man. I felt awful half the time but I kept in it for a few months! I must be insane.

  • sex in a car in the middle of the street during the day... :/