GUYS: do you think I should text him anymore?

this guy and I used to be really good friends. I know he liked me but I unintentionally really hurt him when he became convinced I liked someone else in janurary. then in April he called twice and I didn't pick up because I was shy... we texted all the time. but about a week and a half ago he asked if I liked him...i told him yes because I didn't want to say no and hurt him again if he liked me. but he surprised me and said "i'm your friend but I'm just not interested in you..sorry" so he made it clear he still wanted to be friends, but I feel awkward about it all now...I don't know if I should text him anymore because he thinks I really like him (which honestly all along I just wanted to stay friends-i didn't want our friendship to ever change and get awkward) but now it has and I don't know what to do...Thoughts?


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  • You could send a text along the lines of you accept that you're friends, thanks, blah blah and leave it at that. Or let him contact you. I'd do the latter and leave it alone... let him make the first move.

  • Don't text him for now and let him contact you.


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