'I'll talk to you soon!"...?

I was talking to my crush/friend (almost a week ago) and I had to go so I said "have fun if I don't talk to you soon" (he's on vacation, but at the time he was leaving for it) and he replied back "i'll talk to you soon! hahah" I know that it's a pretty common salutation but is that all it was? It's been almost a week and I haven't heard a thing from him and I'm waiting to hear from him first before talking again, I don't wanna be annoying. There were some signs that he liked me and it looked promising, but I've heard a lot of "if a guy likes you, he'll let you know and talk to you" yadda yadda ya. I don't wanna bother him on vacay... Is this him just being busy on vacation, or a lack of interest thing?


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  • Don't over think it. Talk to you soon means exactly that. It could mean "I really hope to talk to you soon" or soon could be whenever. It's definitely not a clear sign of interest. A guy would text that to me and I got all excited about it too and turns out he only liked me as a friend.

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