Are we texting a lot?

So, I have this one guy friend... And we text, like, a lot. Almost every single day, really. The thing is, he has a girlfriend... Is it wrong that he's texting me so much?


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  • In my opinion you are in a hard situation, like a hot seat, I think that it is weird if you guys text each other every day, but then again it all depends on what you guys are talking about, as long as there is no flirting, or anything like that it is okay. In most relashionships, the girl doesn't really like it if the boy has a girl friend that he constantly talks to, but I think that the boy is allowed to have friends that are girls, without there having to be any trust issues, as long as you don't cross the line withh any topics. But let me remind you that you are in a dangerous spot, even if you don't cross the line, the girl is going to assume that you are trying to get with him...


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  • ask your boyfriend what he thinks about this.

    he sure would be excited.

    • I don't have a boyfriend. Haha

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  • Not wrong as long as you' re not flirting or anythingn

  • Well It Depends On The Topics And Etc... If Its About Normal Stuff That's Fine... If Its Something You Would Talk About With A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Then No... It All Depends, Really.

    • What would exactly be something you'd talk about with your bf/gf?

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    • Oh no, nothing like that. We usually just talk about books and movies and stuff, and maybe once in a while we'll talk about how we're feeling and stuff

    • Well Then I Don't See What's Wrong With Being Friends... It Seems Okaay To Me. I Have Guy Friends I Text Daily.. I Wouldn't Worry To Much About It.. Talk To Him If It Still Bugs Youu Later.. Maybe It'll Help

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