Is he expressing interest or just being friendly?

There's this guy and we've been eyeing off each other, he always makes an effort to talk to me, and the other night I went to his house for a party and he sat across from me for a while, talking to someone else, but looking at me, and then a football game was on so he sat in the loungeroom the rest of the night with a bunch of guys, watching that. Come the end of the night, he's saying goodbye to everyone, but to me he says "Sorry I didn't get to talk to you tonight" and I didn't give that a second thought because it's not like I ever expected him to pull me aside and talk. He didn't say it to anyone else, so why me?


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  • Maybe you're the only one he didn't get a chance to talk to, if it was his house, he's the host and should talk to everyone. Don't read into it unless you get better signals.


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