My boyfriend has been asking my ex?

So my boyfriend and I a while back had an argument when he told me he wasn't sure if he could trust me. Today I found out that he has been taking SEX advice from my ex boyfriend. I have lost a lot of trust in him. Am I wrong and what should I do.

p.s. My boyfriend have been together for the better part of going on two years. And my ex is from the time when we broke up for 6 months.


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  • WHAT?! Are you serious or this a joke?

    He's taking sex advice from your ex?

    Ok-HEEERREEE'S the deal-You have given your boyfriend WAY too much personal information, OOOORRR you've been dating guys that were friends before you came into the picture.

    Either way, those are definite failures. Dating guys that are friends is such a gigantic mistake and obvious that I dare say it's not even something that needs to be addressed.

    Second, giving away contact information of your ex---WHOA! Way off in left field somewhere-and another one that shouldn't even need an explanation.

    Now, I'm not sure what it is you're doing (or not doing) that makes your boyfriend think what he is doing is the respectful thing to do, it's not and you shouldn't be letting it go on.

    Let him know you're offended and why. Which in case you're wondering, is because a personal thing between people who are actively participating in the particular sex being discussed...which in this case, is not your ex.

    If you boyfriend wanted to consult outside help, he should have asked your permission first.

    But above all, I think you need to correct a lot of things on your side of the issue, and that would be how you're dating, and who you're dating.

    • I did get permission for one and for two I didn't know they knew each other till after the fact that I was dating my current boyfriend. I have tried discussing it with my boyfriend he doesn't see that it offended me at he thought it was funny when I found out... besides that my boyfriend should not have asked my ex who moved out as of two days ago but was at the house today what to do. I informed my boyfriend that, is what upset me the most and that it is personal and no of my ex's business

    • Wait, so your ex was living with you up to two days ago? What else can you tell me about your situation?

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  • Weird, to say the least. I've never asked an ex, nor has an Boyfriend of an ex ever asked me, anything. Although some have came up to me and said they could see why I left her lol.

    • Yes I would have to agree it is weird. I am at a complete loss of what to do. Well the weirdest part is my ex boyfriend moved in with my boyfriends family because he is a friend of the families which I did not know before hand.

  • thats f***ed up on so many levels lol...


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