Text relationship? Why doesn't he take me out?

How can I let him know, I do not want to keep texting, I actually want a date and that he should go through with plans. We have been texting for 6months and knew each other from high school. He asked me out twice but we didn't put exact day and time, so we never ended up going out nor mentioned it.

Is he afraid of something? He always texts and tells me he is interested and I am always straightforward about my feelings, but he is the one who initiates text and begins to flirt, I follow.

So last night he was sweet talking as always, so I straight up told him that he doesn't even believe his own sweet talk after he said I could be his princess and I replied, "you're not ready." He then told me that he is ready cause he really is but that I won't believe him.. Then I said, "What is it that you want from me then?" He said, "Well I'm serious about us and really like you, so then don't think that I don't."

I finally said, "BUT what do you want to happen with us then?"
He said, "I wan't us to date and see where that takes us."

So I said if that is what he really wants and he said, Yes, that is why I am telling you.

Now, should I set a date and ask him if he wants to or wait for him to tell me?

I appreciate your time and suggestions, sorry if it is too long.
So he told me he got a 2nd job, this was my chance to say "so am I going to see you soon?" I still can't believe he replied, "don't worry I'm not going anywhere, I'l here". Then.i said, "Here? where?" He just said here. So I told him we are not on the same.pg, he just said, "i guess if you say so =\ "It finally hit me! He does not want to date, I'm just his option or just another girl he texts when he is bored =( so I guess now I will ignore him.


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  • Maybe he is just very comfortable with texting. I feel if you and him been texting so long then it's a long time to text somebody without going on a date. I think you hsould bring it up and try to set up a day. Maybe also to he might be cheap or maybe he might not have that much money to go on a date. A lot of guys are cheap and thrify.You are open to him and straight forward about your feelings. He should really try to take you out and hang out with you.

    • Alright, I'l bring up the dating situation and throw some hints out to him about just hanging out, simple things. Would that sound right?

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    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the best answer. And good luck with everything. Things will work out.

    • Well you helped out a lot, THANK YOU :) Take Care

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  • Why does HE make the first move? Go for what you want in life...

    • I just feel I have been really straight forward with him and he wants me to keep telling him stuff. If you are suggesting I go for it, how would I go about it?

    • Just ask him out on a specific day, see his response to that.

      Him being flirty just to boost his own ego could be a possibility, but you won't know for sure until you just ask him out. Until then you're just guessing.

    • I see,.well I'l go for it and see how he responds. That way I will know if he is being serious. Thanks for your advice :)

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  • Are you sure he's single?

    • Yea I'm sure he is single, we have each other on Facebook, same city, mutual friends.

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    • Update- "if you say so" . He's an a**hole who thought you'd be at his beck and call. Stop wasting your time on him and move on. He's been given enough chances not to mention time. Consider it a lesson learned

    • yea, and it is my fault for continuing to talk to him after so long of being led on to nothing. Thanks for everything, I appreciate it.

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