Was this older custoner getting my hope up?

I had a male customer brought a birthday gift for his wife. Really great husband and a romantic. He is romantic to his wife with surprise event for her. anyways, he ask me if my boyfriend ever brought flower out at a restaurant before dessert. I said no. He said that I should hint to my boyfriend and see if he pick if not there are many guys out there that would and I deserve someone that will treat me well.

He is really kind but nice guys like that go after me. I tried going after them but scared them off. I am a nice person but it seems like I attract player, clingy, stalker type... I could use some advice because I am 23 and never had a serious relationship. I dated but as I describe, I don't attract great guys...advice?


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  • So just because your boyfriend doesn't bring you flowers at work you doubt about him? Or don't you have a boyfriend?

    First case: if the rest of your relationship is fine, try surprising him once in a while and maybe he'll get it. If not: tell him you like surprises.

    Second case: I know your feeling. Apparently I like nice guys, but the problem is I don't meet them. I meet the cheating/drugs/alcoholabusers/a**holes/players most of the time. I wouldn't be too worried about it if I were you, you're ONLY 23 years old, you have time enough! You got your whole life ahead of you! Enjoy the time you're single, do what you want, travel where you want, go out with who en when you want, ... Do you go to the right places? Because meeting your significant other in clubs and bars isn't the way to go. You can find a good guy there but...nah.

    Just take your time. Not every guy is romantic. It doesn't mean they're bad guys, it's just not in them. Like not every girl is romantic.

    • Thanks. I don't have a boyfriend but it scared me how insignificant relationships/ committment means in today world. I just hope I find someone decent because I run into too many that are not decent. I am working two jobs to go graduate school and I almost feel like life is passing me by except I "know" my Ed will be worth it / reaching my goal...I wish I have better luck.

    • If you don't think the guy is decent, I don't think you'll start a relationship with that guy, because if you know before you start that it's not gonna work out and he doesn't suit you, it's a waste of time. I think education is waaay more important than a guy. Ok, it's not gonna give you roses and kiss you goodmorning/goodnight, but without it you can't really survive in a decent way. Just make sure you have enough free time to go out and meet new people! Hey, there are always datingsites for when

    • for when you really feel alone and you wanna meet someone.