Shy guys: getting you to meet me & how to behave?

I've seem this shy guy around a bit for a while now. He approaches me but seems only to be at the pub, he is a friend of a friend and we have Facebooked a bit as well. I want to see if he wants to catch up as friends in the next few weeks. Question 1) How do I ask him? I kinda owe him a favor so was thinking a quick sms "hey, let me know if you want to catch up today and have that drink I owe you :)" - nothing too heavy! I am not sure if he is interested in dating me so I don;t want it to sound like a date!

Question 2) If he says yes, how do I behave around an extra shy guy. How can I open you up? Thanks


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  • Easiest way is to talk to him when there is a group. That way, it doesn't feel like a date. if he's shy, ask him open ended questions (ones he can't say yes/no to). The more he talks about himself, the more you can find out about him and he'll be more open to you.

  • Nothing special. He probably just needs a little push. He is around, he is friendly, he is just a bit afraid of taking contact. He'll be happy if you take the initiative as you have suggested.


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