Will I have a another chance..?

I've been a complete jerk to my girlfriend and I dumped her and I regret it...we've been together for 2 years..and we broke up 6 months ago..now I realized that I was really wrong..but now she has a suitor which she is begging to like..but she told me she doesn't want to be in a relationship yet. I went over to her house and we talked and I apologized for everything. She told me she still loves me but not that much..and I still have a chance but she can't give it now so she asked for a space to think. I asked her if she's still loyal to me and if she is still mine and she said yes but for now we must not have any communication. it's like the situation is 50/50 for me. then the other day I saw a picture of my ex and the other guy on Facebook and I got so jealous and hysterical and I kept on calling her but she won't pick up. the next day she called our friend..and told her that I was giving her stress because I was so annoying. She even told her that "If ever we don't end up together it's not because she want to hurt me but she's just ready to be in a relationship again" so I began thinking of what she meant by this..but the way she said it it's like I'm having a bad feeling that she will choose the other guy...but I'm still hoping that I could still have a second chance because she asked for a space to think..and she still loves me. should I be positive about this..? I really love her..


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  • You dumped her. You had absolutely no right to ask if she was still loyal to you, or still "yours." Of course she's not, you broke it off! I highly doubt you were still loyal to her in those 6 months. I don't want to be mean as I know you are hurting, but you need to take a good hard look at your motives and selfishness in this situation. All I'm reading is "me me me." If you really loved her, it would be clear you care more about her. I can guess that you simply got jealous she was moving on and then decided you wanted her back. Let her go and be happy with someone else. You know if she picks you again, it will end up exactly the way it did the first time.

    • but it's different this time..I realized that I'm getting older and I need to get serious...if she picks me again I will surely guarantee that I will never do that again..

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  • Be positive always. From my experience as a girl in the same situation. I chose the other Guy, but still loved my ex Wich destroyed my relationship with the other Guy. He cheated on me and I saw how much my ex loved me if he was still there for me after me having to experience what a jerk realty is.

  • She loves you, nut she has giving you to many chances.. she is gonna choose the other Guy. Stay strong and periodically be around. She will come back to you.

    • If I give her more time..will she choose me? I don't want to be negative..but should I give up or continue..?

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    • so..how long should I wait..? should I wait for her text..? should I text her once in a while or never text or contact her..?

    • what I'm worried about is that..the guy is just close to her..

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