Why bother waiting for me when he can get it easier with other girls? (if he doesn't "like" me)

We were friends before, but then a hot kiss happened after a long night out with common friends.

Though our friends always said he seemed to like me a lot (I didn't use to think about him THAT way), he quickly told me he wasn't looking for anything serious.

But after that day we always kept in touch, almost daily, sometimes all day long and 90% of the times because he reaches me out.

After that first kiss (a year ago) we dated a bit (no strings attached, but also no sex), then we kind of naturally stopped seeing each other.

We kept talking though...and dirty talking too.

After he moved in to my street (it was the cheaper option after he was forced to move out of his previous home) I knew things were about to get...messier again.

First we would hang out on my place. He tried to kiss me once but I said no (don't want to mess our friendship, I said and he agreed).

After a few just-friends lunches or visits to a movie theatre the attraction was unbearable and we started fooling around again.

We keep being up-to-date daily with each other lives. He tells me if he's away at his town, daily asks how I'm doing, texts by night

(not only when we could be together, as a booty call).

Also...i still want to take things slow. I'd be the perfect FWB..except he's not getting it ALL as a benefit.

Everything he does would be a typical sign he LIKES me, but he keeps saying this is just for fun (at least he said it right before we got back to be involved).

Why bother waiting for me to be ready when he can have other girls? (not a virgin by the way, and not doing it to make him suffer, just because I want to be a 100% comfortable with this situation).

I do believe in him. Should I just get away now? I don't think I'm in love but I'm so used to him, so-to-speak, and we for sure are attracted to each other,

I know I'll fall for him one of this days...
  • He does like you
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  • He wants to win that "challenge" (then he'll lose interest)
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  • He's still figuring it out, too
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  • He does what he feels like (don't give it all that thought)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • From your poll options I think all of them can be true but I picked he does like you

    What do you want from this relationship?

    Do you want a FWB? a relationship?

    And have you asked him what he wants?

    What do you mean by this?

    "i still want to take things slow. I'd be the perfect FWB..except he's not getting it ALL as a benefit.


    From the information you have given, I think he definitely likes you but it could also go where he sees you as a challenge and wants it for his ego.

    What does your gut tell you?

    And if you were to re-read your question giving your good friend advice. What would you tell your friend?

    Sorry that my answer is more questions then an answer for you =$

    • Don't be sorry, I appreciate your opinion as much as your questions :)

      To explain my side better: I don't know if a relationship would work between us but I'd like to give it a shot. So, what I want for now it's to be exclusive and then figure it out.

      My gut always told me he kind of liked me (even before he made the first move). But I can't ignore his own words (that he repeated not that much time ago). This was before we got physical again. (continues)

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    • No problem!

      Thanks for your patience of me asking too many questions lol

      Thanks for putting a smile on me face (:

    • And thanks for best answer (:

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What Guys Said 1

  • If he "bothered" waiting for you, he must have thought very highly of you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Because you are what he wants and its that simple

    • to f*** or to something more, what would you say?

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    • thanks for your opinion :)

    • anytime :)

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