Do guys like wearing the pants?

i am the kind of girl that likes a guy to open a door every now and then for me, take the lead in the relationship, (and in the bedroom) and just you know generally be a guy, I want him to go have "guy" time, I don't want him to ALWAYS be around me, but it seems all the guys I have dated don't like to do that stuff.

is this too much of a "old school" view?


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  • Honestly that isn't too much of an "old school" view.

    I can attest to you that you're not the only girl with this problem.

    Dudes these days seem to be (on average) more emotional and compassionate, and less aggressive and masculine.

    I think that societal standards implicitly teach males that females are on equal ground and like attention and communication, so more dudes (especially with a lack of father figures growing up these days), are being less masculine, as in "taking the lead", "wearing the pants", etc.

    I believe that now more than ever, with females having careers and taking on so much responsibility, that they would appreciate a guy "being the man" and taking some of that decision-making off of female's shoulders once in a while.

    Don't you agree?


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  • Do you girls like to wear skirts? Are you content with spending your day preparing for when the master of the house comes home for dinner? Will you happily let him decide all important matters without consulting you?

    Or do you only let him have guy-time when it suits you?

    A bit more information needed.

    • To seems like she feels smothered by the dudes she's dated. :-X

    • i actually don't mind wearing skirts;) ha ha nah, I was raised with 9 brothers so to me I understand guys needing space away from girls. so I don't care when he has guy time, just be somewhat considerate of me.

    • Now, that counts for quite a bit of experience. Like my sister you may have more trouble understanding girls than boys. And she only had three brothers.

  • I like it now.

    When I was young I wasn't ready to be like that. I was raised expecting us to be equal and identical basically.

  • Depends on the guy.

  • If you like doing the nontraditional stuff, go for it.

    It might surprise me and I'd rather do those things though.


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  • Who says leading a relationship, is 'being a guy', most people I know say the Woman leads. they don't say she is being a guy. id have to agree.

    Saying you want a guy, to be a guy, is not remotely , a coherent statement.

    if you want a father figure to control u. just be upfront about that, when you decide to date each other. most guys are used to Women being equal members/ decision makers in the relationship. they won't jump into being Ward, from leave it to beaver --unless that's their thing.

    Why don't you just discuss the actual qualities habits you want in a guy, & the arrangement you want me/ reducing it to being a guy, is just going to confuse. opening doors for people is polite thing for anyone to do. that was always the case.. now & 1,000 years ago.

    Women may have been discriminated against, for doing such things.. that's hardly proof its a 'guy' thing. if you're going to go that route, where someone saying no, 'means' you have no right to do it.. you'll end up with a wife beater.

    no one wants anyone to always be around. guys are the only ones who seem to think its special. when they want alone time. everyone wants alone timer. we just don't have to be dramatic about it.

    anyways, I don't know any males, who like the idea of controlling the relationship. I hear the kkk, is big into that, or you could try naZis.

    • i don't mean being a freaking control jerk, I just mean like the "southern gentleman" not really controlling, but is not afraid to lead the relationship.