Are these traits deal breakers, would you date this guy?

Do you see a man for what he can be or will you only date a guy who is already what you want?...according to these traits would you be with this guy or is he not good enough for you?

-high school drop out (hes smart but dropped out due to a tumultuous childhood) wants to get a ged & maybe go to college someday (age 22)

-doesn't have family support, has to work for everything

-still plays video games & immature language around friends

-no car, no license, no credit, minimum wage job so mostly broke or struggling from check to check

... ...

-attractive,has good intentions, loves you more than anyone, is loyal, faithful, always positive, puts you first above everything and wants to marry you and have a family someday, great lover, protects you, isn't stingy with the little bit of money he has and will do anything in his power to make you happy

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  • Girls, let me give you some gold-plated advice right now:

    NEVER, EVER date a guy because you think or hope that someday he'll become what you want him to be. Chances are, the way he is today is the way he's going to be 5 or 10 or even 20 years from now, and in no event will he change FOR YOU. IF he changes, and that's a big IF, it will only be because HE wants to change.

    Women just LOVE this idea that they're going to find a man who has a bunch of characteristics that she doesn't like, but that she's going to "fix" him and turn him into the man she wants him to be. That ALWAYS ends in disaster, and most often, it's the woman who loses big. I'm sure there are plenty of girls here who have learned this lesson the hard, painful way and can back me up.

    Find a guy who ALREADY HAS the traits that are important to you, or you will just doom yourself to being unhappy in your relationship.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with mroracle, better to focus on how he is now, personality wise, then hoping he changes.


What Girls Said 3

  • I said B. I was with someone sort of like this and I kept hoping that by encouraging him to reach for his goals he's actually start trying to do it but it never happened. This guy needed to focus on himself and actually start working toward his goals before getting involved with me. He doesn't have to be at the end result, but there needs to be visible effort and struggle to get there (not just saying "I will someday" or "I really want to")

    • He could have a disability that keeps him from being able to get a license or something like that. Are you so ablest to not want to date someone because of his disabilities? This applies to the other one too. If you are, I feel a lot of shame here and will cross people like you off my list. I am not only an advocate for persons with disabilities, but I have Aspergers syndrome myself.

    • no he did not have disabilities. He enjoyed spending his money on pot and alcohol rather than saving for something worthwhile. Having a brother with aspergers I'm pretty well aware what the symptoms are like and I also know that although it can be a hinderance, in most cases it is still possible to obtain the same goals as someone with out. Don't be so quick to judge because clearly your assumtion of me did not match up very well.

  • Yea sorry but I wouldn't. Unless your the type who's into picking up all the slack. He needs to actually be in the process of achieving these goals before I'd even consider it. No matter how nice and kind he is. He wants a family with you, how is he going to support you and your children with a minimum wage job? It's not happening. Look for someone who actually has or is in the process of getting his sh*t together.

  • He's a loser lol.he's only that nice because he has nothing else to offer a woman and probably has no other options.he wouldn't make it past my screening process.

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