Should I ignore and forget?

Me and my crush made out and stuff and we were fine. We hanged out all weekend on a trip with friends, but after we got home he wouldn't speak to me. I know it wasn't because he didn't enjoy what we did because he even wanted more practically everyday. This was all two weeks ago and I've been a wreck. My friends and family don't like him and say forget him. I agreed and I thought I was done with him, but today I found out I might see him Sunday. That really didn't help me! I want to see him again just everything that I found out about maybe seeing Sunday made me lose everything I set for myself to ignore and forget him. He makes me so turned on as well that I don't know if I can help myself if he wants to go again. Should I still try to ignore him and forget him even though he makes me feel this way?


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  • It's fairly possible he's using you (for sex, maybe, if you'd let it go that far) but the fact that he is ignoring you while you're back in the "real world" shows that he doesn't want it to progress into a relationship. If you desperately want to be with him, suggest a friends-with-benefits type relationship, and he will most likely go for it. And yeah, it's okay to not be over him, just try and make it seem like you're okay with no commitment for now, and see where it takes you.