Everything's fine when we are together?

we don't see each other that often but when we do its fantastic we enjoy each others company and have fun. but every time after we have seen each other there is limited contact where I will text her and not get nowt back for few hours or she won't return my calls. is this normal do other women do this?

Spirit156 if she does the stuff we do with other guys that's the end of us.


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  • Guys do this too tbh

    You just have more intrest in her then she has in you

    The reason for that could be that she has more guy friends that she sees more often and has the same "fantastic" moments you have with her but this guy seems to have more then you do that catched her intrest

    So that's why she never returns your calls

    • Oh that kind of stuff eh? Well I hate to say it but if she has a tight scedule even then you have time to even send a message or give a call when your free even if its just 3 minutes

      When she really is intrested she would respond riggt away or even innitiate contact trough messages

      If you want to find out you need to ask her why she never returns your calls and never innitiates trough text and trust me you need to do that

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    • Oh so oh now I see why she is not always available

      A long distance friendship. I must say she could make a few minutes available to call unless she has prepaid and can't call and uses a free texting service or an sms-bundle

    • MONEY IS NOT A ISSUE SHE ON MORE THAN ME. its long distance but a call is not much to ask for

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