Do you have a keepsake from your first date with your current significant other?

I have a ticket stub from the movies that I've kept. Might sound cheesy but it does remind me of the amazing time we had and I smile whenever I look at it, sitting on my dresser.


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  • Yes, it is very cheesy... but it's only for you to look at. Never get rid of it. It's the little things that help us have good memories. But learn how to let go of the past.

    I got a 2 dollar bill from the most amazing girl that I'll sadly never see again. She had two of them so I offered to buy one because I collect them. I didn't have cash so I offered her a drink instead. We hit it off instantly. The serial numbers were in sequence. Mine ended in 67 and her's ended in 66. We chatted and had drinks and only knew each other for two hours. We exchanged numbers, I called her to hang out again a few days later... she never called me back. Haven't heard from her since.

    Still, I have a 2 dollar bill that will always remind me of what it felt like to have a glimpse of a soul mate. Needless to say, I don't believe in that stuff anymore. But it's fun to dream.

  • I have photos.


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