Should I stay or leave?

So my boyfriend and I have had a trip planned to the coast for this weekend, but yesterday I got a text from my mom saying my dad is not doing good and that I should go home and visit when I got the chance. I had asked for this weekend off already so I figured I would go home instead, being that my family is way more important than the coast. I called my boyfriend to let him know but no answer so I texted him. I simply said "I have to go home this weekend; my dad is sick and I need to see him." And his response was "I bet your still gonna go out Friday, because that's so important. If your not happy, don't feel obligated to with me." Need I say my dad is dying of Stage IV Lung, Pancreatic and Liver CANCER that has spread to his brain and spinal cord...and my boyfriend is fully aware of it too. What should I do?
I should have made my question a little more clear...should I stay with my boyfriend or dump him.


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  • You should go see your dad. Reschedule that trip for another time. Your boyfriend is being very insensitive. It's a family emergency. He should understand that your dad is on the verge of dying and that you need to be there for him.

  • You should go with your dad, he's family!


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