Girl acts mean but I think she likes me, how should I handle her crappy attitude?

I go to college with a girl who acts really annoying. She'll call me stupid for the littlest dumbest stuff (in a stuck up childish tone) so I ignore her but that's not doing much good. At first it was kind of funny, but it's gotten really annoying. She gets jealous when I talk to girls or my friends bring up my social life in conversation. She'll make comments under her breath and walk away mad, so she seems butthurt. Her attitude is constant and I'm tired of it. She'll text and call me, and seems friendly over the phone, but I can't trust someone who treats me like that in public. Other guys are sure she's into me, but I don't want to reward her by pursuing her. What should I try to make her act more cool around me? I don't need to say something really mean to her and make an enemy, but I can't avoid her or ignore her. We have the same major and spend hours a day around each other.

Yeah, I try to talk to her, but she's "weird" around me. It's like walking on eggshells around her. Other guys can rag on her, I joke and she gets really defensive. But since she acts jealous and doesn't react at all when other guys talk about worse, it's pretty clear she's into me.


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  • talk to her


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  • then tell her and it boths you or move on

  • you should tell her it bothers you


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