Guys, would that mean he's serious or not?

SO there's this guy I met and we've been talking with him.

He's cool and I kinda like him, but I'm not sure how much I like him.

See the thing is he likes calling me sweetie or sweetheart and baibe and occassionally he drops my name in.

He calls me everyday and we text.

He likes saying he misses me cause we don't meet that often, especially since he started exams and I've had to go home and my home is in a different country.

So does he sound lik he's really serious or is it more of a still getting to know each other kinda phase.


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  • What does serious mean? If he wants to have children with you? Certainly not at this point. But he likes you a lot I guess.

    • 'Kay thannnxxxx.

      Lol...nah not having-children kind of serious.

      What are the chances of us becoming just pals right now...or is he in too deep

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    • Maintaing the great bit...aint that easy but its worth it in the end.

      Wish me luck.

      Sometimes I just wish I could read minds with whomever I liked, then all my troubles would be solved-ish

    • You would have one more though. You would be bored to death! :D

      Cheer up, you are doing great. Wish you luck.

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  • Since he's making that effort to contact you, he's being serious.


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  • getting to know each other but he likes you probably


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