Why won't he talk to me?

Ive been talking to this guy for a month and half. He's on vacation now in Europe so we are relying on Facebook to talk to each other. I wasn't online in the beginning of the week and he messaged me but I didn't respond until yesterday because I was busy. I talked to him for like 10 minutes and explained why I haven't been online. He seemed okay but he didn't really make an effort to continue our conversation so I stopped talking. Today I've been working from home so I left Facebook online all day and I noticed he's been online as well so why is he ignoring me? Usually we talk for hours at least every other day..but it seems like he doesn't want to talk to me is it because I ignored him earlier in the week..?


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  • Hunny, you just answered your own question. He is on VACATION IN EUROPE. Being European myself, and actually visiting Europe at the moment, I know how vacations in Europe go. You do not go online often, you try to see places, hang out with family and friends (if you have any there), and just make the best of the vacation. Don't stress over it! When I was going out with my last boyfriend and he went to England for a week, he almost did not talk to me. When he got back, everything was back to normal. And we were not just friends at the time, we were going out for like 6 months, so you would THINK he would make an effort to talk to me. But then I went to Europe shortly after him, and we also did not talk much. That's just how vacations in Europe go lol. Especially if he is visiting a country where access to Internet might be limited. And even if not, there is just so much to see and do! Do not take it as him ignoring you, I am sure he is not doing that. Guys do not change their attitude towards a girl in one night, and you said you guys would talk for hours previously, so I am sure you are fine! I know what it is like to feel insecure, but believe me in this case there is no reason to be :) Let him have his vacation and try to occupy yourself with some other things you like to do. Time will fly, and when he gets back I am sure he will be happy to tell you all about his trip! Good luck! :)


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  • I 100% agree with niewiemkto, when I was in Italy a month ago for 3 weeks I had little to no contact with people in the US there is just so much going on while in Europe. Trust me once he gets home you won't be able to shut him up with all of his stories from his trip and all will be back to normal.

  • He won't talk to you since you didn't talk to him.


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