How do guys act when they haven't seen the girl they like in a while?

I think this guy has liked me since last summer, but he has never talked to me. I only see him during the summer, and he strikes me as a "shy" type of guy. Anyway, he went on vacation last week, and I think he will be back soon. I was wondering what do guys (especially shy guys) normally do/act when they haven't seen a girl they like in a while? And, does a week or two constitute as "a while"?


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  • Hey, I'm very shy and what you describing here are difficult times for us(shy guys). If I fancy a girl and I didn't spoke to her, almost immideately after I leave, I'm starting blame myself, telling myself I'm such a d*** and so on... First few nights I can't fall asleep, it takes me literally hours, and every spare time I have to think about her. Then things are slowly returning to normal. But when I saw her again even after few months, all sad mood is back again.

  • Well they get happy of course, but they hug you, they talk with you, ask how everything's been.

    • But what if he has never talked to you before? Like what are the nonverbal signs a guy does when he hasn't seen someone he likes in a while? For example, would you stare more if you haven't seen her in a while than if you had seen her ever day, etc.?

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