Girl keeps sending me a text message each month

Quite a while ago (+/- one year) I met a very pretty girl during a summercourse. We had loads of fun, but it turned out she had a boyfriend, so I ended up in the friendzone. No big deal for me, life goes on and I didn't spend much thought about her. But what really surprised me is that every 25-30 days (I could actually predict some dates with dead-on accuracy) I still get a text message from her asking me how I'm doing. Sometimes I replied, sometimes I didn't, sometimes my answer was happy, sometimes angry. But the point is, I still keep getting messages every month.

So my question is: why does she keep sending those text messages, what does it mean to her and how should I react accordingly. Does she like me more than she expressed to me? Does she need someone during the moments when she's sad? I'm thinking it has something to do with her hormonal cycle, but maybe you people could point me in the right direction? Oh, and we're both 18 years old.


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  • Option a) she broke up with her boyfriend and now it's time for you to do your move: ask her out!

    Option b) she wants your attention or actually cheat on her boyfriend with you - which you shouldn't allow, because you're nobody's second option :)

    Option c) she wants to be your friend (highly unlikely if this is such a regular cycle of messages)

    You need to ask her directly (smoothly, but directly). Specially if she knew you wanted to be more than friends at some point.

    If it seems to forward you might even ask in a way that you can pretend you were kidding later (depending on her response). Like: "hey, there you are again. I was starting to think you forgot about your crush :D"


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  • I think she's just trying to keep in touch with you. She likes you at least as friend maybe more but that's hard to tell because she has a boyfriend. There's no harm in keeping this contact with her.

    • Thank you for stating your point of view! I will definitely stay in touch with her, at least on a friendly basis.

  • Ask her out!...

  • she likes you as a friend and thinks you're pretty cool.

    I always try to keep in touch with people. I hate losing friends.


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