What should I do...? I've put myself in an awkward situation.

I feel like a horrible person but I really could do with some advice here.

I've been in a relationship for over 3 years with someone who is literally perfect - but his sex drive is quite low, whereas mine is high. Also, he is at home from uni for the summer, and his parents live 6 hours from me... So because of work etc, we only see each other every 5 weeks - two months until September when he goes back to uni again.

This distance has got to me a bit, and about a few months ago a guy from work (who had a girlfriend) started to flirt with me a bit, so I flirted back because I thought it was a jokey thing, but then he told me he liked me, and I backed off and told him I wanted to be mates and that I am in a relationship. He got with a girl at the very very beginning of our relationship, but I accepted he made a mistake and he's been really faithful to me.

There's another guy in work who started liking me, we were just friends, but he said he liked me, and we ended up kissing after work. I'm starting like him too... but he kept saying 'I feel really horrible about doing that - I don't wanna be that guy' and I know he 'doesn't do relationships'. Then someone told him that I had been close to the other guy... so now I look even worse - I bet he's thinking 'girl has a boyfriend, flirts with one guy and then moves onto the next'. But I haven't ever cheated before, I genuinely feel horrible about it.

I explained to him that I didn't get with the other lad, that he just really liked me, and that I'm starting to really like him it's making me think about my relationship, but he just said 'oh right. Well I think you're really cool and that but what we did yesterday was baaad :/ x'

I replied - 'Hah, so is that a nice way of saying 'let's leave it at that? x'

then he put - 'That's probably for the best x'

and I just said 'ahh, alright man x'

I shouldn't have done it - I know. Should I tell my boyfriend? I am seriously starting to like this guy from work and I don't know what to do, or how to be with him in work so it's not awkward because he's saying we should leave it at that now...

He's the easy going type, should I act like I don't care at all, act like I do care to some extent, or act like we're still good mates? Does he even like me? I thought he was in it for sex really but he's a nice guy, and I think the past flirting thing upset him. How do I get him to be hot again?


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  • Tempted by the devil, how can one deny such great feeling of desire?

    Like a tiny snowflake that causes an avalanche, one small mistake, and the soul shall live the rest of its life in sorrow.


    Don't make a big mistake, don't live in the now. Live for the future, isn't that why heaven is up there?


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  • You say you shouldn't have done it ... but you want him to be hot again?

    Anyway, if the attraction is mutual, sh*t is gonna happen whether it's right or not and whether you want it to or not.

    Attraction makes people do stupid things, things which their head knows is wrong but the heart wants what it wants, even though it's wrong to want it, and the heart will ultimately win, unfortunately.

  • Maybe this is just something in the path of your relationship, like an obstacle that you have to overcome.

  • I think that your feelings are going to start developing more for the other guy, and you should really think about things and make the choice that doesn't hurt your current guy.


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