What is she thinking?

Dated/saw each other for a few months.. its was long distance and she was heading back to school(her hometown is next to mine) So she said timing was not right... okay.. I figured that meant she is not interested and we wouldn't talk.. but why would she want to keep talking, seeing each other when time allowed (she said this) and sends me a text 2 days after about an inside joke between us? What is she doing?


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  • Staying friends and keeping the option open for when the timing IS right. She's still interested.

    • I do like her.. and we both have said something is there... so can I ask how I should handle it? I do not just want to be friend zone with her... she said she can't beleive I have been this patient with her to let her figure herself out... but we talked and she said all these great things about me and such and then said (which I agree with) that we should stop living our lives... how do I handle this?

    • If you both feel the same and really like each other, then go on and try to work the distance or 'timing' out. She possibly needed space to finish schooling, that's why. It's good to know what one wants and she seems to know there are things she wants to do first. Since she knows you like her anyway, just keep doing what you've been doing then.

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