Worried about boyfriend's past hook up?

My boyfriend had sex with a girl a month before we met. He tells me now that it meant nothing and he was wasted, which I believe. She is younger than me by a few years, but not as pretty. She is a teacher, as am I. Early in our relationship, he hit her on the ass at a big group get together. I think that's a thing he used to do for fun when he was single. He tells me he doesn't remember doing it, and I know he had drank a lot. Although both of those stories involve him being wasted, I've never seen him that drunk ever again.

He is Facebook friends with the girl, as am I. Every time I see her, I can't stop thinking about how he hooked up with her before me. Our relationship evolved out of a weekend together in which we hooked up. I am so worried that the sweet things he said to me are the same things he said to her. We are very serious now, months later. I still am afraid I'm being played. Please give me some words of advice.


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  • I would not worry in the slightest, I am sure you have had past flings in the pasts. Bfs in the past who you have said the same sweet things too. If he slapped her on the but when he was super drunk first going out I wouldn't worry. Its annoying to see, sometimes its just being friendly but because he slept with her its more of an issue to you. If he smacked a female friend on the but would you care as much. I used to worry about this sought of thing in my previous relationship but in my current I don't mind my boyfriend talking to other girls, because he gives me enough attention to feel that he is mine and wants me, does that make sense?

    I WILL say this from my own experience. The more you look into this girl discover more details of what went on the more it will drive you crazy. Delete her off Facebook so you don't have to be reminded of her. Never bring her up around your boyfriend an just try and enjoy your time with your boyfriend. If I had done this with my previous ex we would still be together.

    good luck xx

    • Thanks so much for the advice! I think you are right. I never had past hook ups. I had one long term boyfriend, and then this random hook up which turned into a relationship. That's part of why I'm freaking out about this, I think. He's had a lot more experiences than me.

      Do you think I should delete the girl even if I have tons of mutual friends, and my boyfriend doesn't delete her. You are right, I would have much more peace of mind without seeing her all the time. Thanks again!

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    • OK I think you are right. I appreciate it!

    • have a look at this maybe you could help me out :) link

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  • If you believe him that it was nothing, then you shouldn't worry about all this.

  • i belive it too but we all know that being drunk is just an excuse so he might still have a desire to hook up again he also seem into you if you say you guys are serious and it been a while


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