I believe I'm the other guy?

I believe I'm the other guy or the 2nd guy or her second love interest. everything between us has been a secret, even between us. neither of us know for sure how the other one feels, but if we both went with our gut, we would both know we like each other. they say the eyes don't lie right? hers don't and I'm sure mine don't either when they look in hers. she may have had a boyfriend for a little while I'm not sure she has never told me anything about another guy when she should but only try to hide it. if he doesn't get as far as he should he's probably wondering what the problem is just like I am. her parents might not approve of me as much as him or at all for dating her. he has known her longer and has a collared shirt. I'm just the person that she was supposed to meet in life . but she never talks to me or will give me a chance to know her more. she is still scared to talk to me and we Haven't even gotten to be comfortable normal friends yet. even though she wants to know me. I saw her doing something with the other guy that she didn't know I saw. she knows I am mad / sad. she might not know why but she should if she isn't stupid and can add one plus 1.

she won't look at me now and ignores me, is what it seems like its gonna be for a while as I don't see what can change this. she must have feelings for me but she has never seemed to care about my feelings at all. I've done so much for her and tried as hard as I could to get to know her but she turned her back on me and ignored me. I think its because she doesn't know what to say or do or is confused as she waters the lawn on the phone acting like she doesn't see me or think about me. is she just putting her self out there on display to drive me crazy or what is her reasoning? does she know? why does she not say hi or be normal , but try to "act" normal when its obviously not normal to ignore someone you like... I can't come running to her or talk to her or write to her or anything I have to win this battle of ignoring her to the point where she comes running to me but she won't but it doesn't matter because if I give in , I will never get her...even if I wrote her a letter telling her about how I almost died and never got the chance to meet her she would just run away. why do girls only want you if you ignore them and act like you don't need them? when she is out side and sees me drive up and she's on the phone watering the lawn and turns her back just perfectly to ignore me when in the past that turn would have been to wave hi or smile and make eye contact... what is going through her head? is there something I'm supposed to do or just wait for her? can you girls give the 2nd guy some advise? and have you ever had a situation like this? do girls think I am right about anything I said here? because some of it is me just guessing about her but writing strong like I know its the truth, because it is... my gut feeling is usually always right and has saved my life before but I'm confused to what I'm supposed to do now with her?


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  • We have gut feeling for a reason, and they usually don't lie. If you feel like the "other guy" there is probably a good chance you are. I've been in this situation before, believe me


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