I messed up, how can I make it right?

Everything was great, it really was. He was getting so comfortable with me and I was truly happy. Then I stupidly asked him about 2 weeks ago since he lives close by if I could get his number since I'd be alone for almost 2 weeks if anything happened. He smiled and said, sure, that's fine. He was busy mowing at the time so I didn't get it but then... a week later, he was out busy again but I asked nicely if it was still OK to get the number and he went on to ask about what day everyone was leaving and ask all about the trip, as I was going away, he said, ill get it to you. Well today is the day my family leaves and I still don't have it and what's worse, I feel he is avoiding me. I truly do not get why he lied to me twice. why not just say no? I need to make it right, I miss talking to him and I am so sick over this, our friendship was going well and I messed it up. Any ideas what I can do? Its been almost 2 weeks since we had an actual talk.

We have since talked and everything was well... but still so confused on the # situation


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  • What? What? He was mowing - is this a guy who mows for a living? Maybe he just doesn't want to become Mr On-Call 24 hours unpaid handyman to some chick he occasionally talks to. I mean, you *said* that you want his number "if anything happened". You want stuff from him. You got needs. You got demands.

    I mean, what relationship do you have with this guy whose number you do not even have? A pickup at a bar will at least exchange that. What on earth do you imagine that you are to him?

    • I thought we were friends, duh. We have become really close the past few months and its not needs like sex, its like, if something breaks etc I used to do the same exact thing when I lived alone in my townhome, I'd have neighbors numbers just in case. I have grown up to believe its smart for a woman to do this. The point is, he could of said no.

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    • Umm no a neighbor is, duh, neighbors do sh*t for each others. There is a eldery woman who calls my dad when she falls and needs help getting up. I know a lot of neighbors who call each other when they need stuff. A friend is someone you could give your number to regardless, so like I said I thought we were friends. Obviously, I am stupid.

    • HE is the one who lied, no one told me to say yes. If he was not OK with it, then fine, say something but don't lie to me, TWICE about it. He had never lied to me before so I am just hurt that he did, I feel like he used me all this time. All his kindness was probably an act

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  • How long have you known this guy? Are you sure he's not married or something like that? Maybe there's a piece of information I missed, but I'm not sure why he would do something like that.

    • About 4 months and no he is not married and he claims this "lady friend" of his is just a good friend, he has known for years, he has told me a few times he isn't dating her but I just don't get why even just as a friend, this would scare him and why lie and then hide? It only makes things more awkward

    • I also know he was going through a lot of family stuff around his birthday but still. Just say no.

  • I just cannot figure out why he did that...

    • That makes two of us. Its bizzare.

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