Hunting stories, what's the best hunt YOU have been on?

I want to here your stories of what you hunt. no offense to animal lovers and those who hate hunting. I'm also an animal lover but also kill a share to eat. so what do you hunt and what have you killed.


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  • I went on a puppy hunt and got the cutest puppy. He was white with little brown spots and a cute black mask, flabby skin, and little liver spots :3

    I think that's still a adrenaline flooded my body, I got a natural high, and I think that's basically a hunt..


    I've never went out to kill anything but some of my friends are avid hunters.

    • sounds like a good hunt to me! ;)

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    • You had me wondering..'eat them?' no... 'sell them' who wants crows so nooo 'wear them' ha ha I actually for a second thought can you wear crow feathers

      That's interesting though I wish more people would have answered I'm a veg head but still found it interesting

    • lmbo! I guess you can, people may look at you funny tho. and thank you for answering. like I said I wasn't trying to rub it in anybodys face. I know and understand why people don't like hunting.

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