Girlfriend changed plans with me?

Ok we talked last night with her 2 friends that we were gonna all go drink together tonight. This morning she told me she would text me later today. Well she didn't text me til about 5 which isn't normal for her. We texted a little. Well now it is 8:30 and I asked her if we were still on. (I know that was a mistake). Anyways she said she was drinking with some friends but I can come over later tonight. I'm kinda pissed and hurt ha ha but I do want her to enjoy time with her friends but she could have told me. I don't know why she acted so strange today but anyways I texted her back saying "Oh OK. Well I will let you have fun with your friends tonight" She said "Ok :)". So should I say anything back? I'm kinda hurt and I don't really wanna come over late tonight after her friends are gone kinda like I'm leftovers or she just wants sex.


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  • If I were you I'd give her space tonight. Let her miss you. She may think she has all the power right now since you've pursued so hard. Don't let her think that bro!

    • I gotcha. After she said OK on the last text should I text anything back or leave it and wait for her to text me again?

    • If it were me I'd just leave alone. When she asks why didn't you text back tell her you fell asleep and that's why you didn't reply. That will make her think twice about putting you on the back burner.