Is this a good idea?

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and there is this girl that I like to ask out I know she will message me for my birthday I am thinking of when she does I will ask her out all advice is welcomed.


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  • I suppose you could do that. Then, however, you run the risk of her just saying yes because it's your birthday and then breaking up with you later on. Or she could say no. Which would suck. But if she said yes, then that'd be like the best birthday present ever, right? It couldn't hurt to ask...but asking over text is kind of frowned upon.

    • I really prefer to ask her out face to face but the only times I really see her is if I go to a party or I pass her work place in I am out running errands other than than the most tie we talk one on one is via text or Skype ( which we hardly use that often either)

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